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BLUE SCREEN #3 et #4

Voici les nouveaux Blue Screen présents dans les deux dernier épisodes diffusés sur CBS...

Cet article contient des spoilers, vous êtes avertis

Blue Screen de l'épisode 2x16 (Relevance)

Code 1

Ce premier code serait un extrait de l'oeuvre "Vingt mille lieues sous les mers" de Jules Verne.

Texte original

"It seems to me I am trying to tell you ya dream--making a vain attempt, because no relation of a dream can convey the dream-sensation, that commingling of absurdity, surprise, and bewilderment in a tremor of struggling revolt, that notion of being captured by the incredible which is of the very essence of dreams. . . ."

He was silent for a while.

". . . No, it is impossible; it is impossible to convey the life-sensation of any given epoch of one's existence--that which makes its truth, its meaning--its subtle and penetrating essence. It is impossible. We live, as we dream--alone. . . ."

He paused again as if reflecting, then added:

"Of course in this you fellows see more than I could then. You see me, whom you know. . . ."

It had become so pitch dark that we listeners could hardly see one another. For a long time already he, sitting apart, had been no more to us than a voice. There was not a word from anybody. The others might have been asleep, but I was awake. I listened, I listened on the watch for the sentence, for the word, that would give me the clue to the faint uneasiness inspired by this narrative that seemed to shape itself without human lips in the heavy night-air of the river.

". . . Yes--I let him run on," Marlow began again, "and think what he pleased about the powers that were behind me. I did! And there was nothing behind me! There was nothing but that wretched, old, mangled steamboat I was leaning against, while he

Code 2

Il s'agit d'un extrait du "Discours XVII - De Contusio Cranii (Of Caries of the Skull)" provenant de l'oeuvre "Les Principes de la chirurgie» de John Bell, qui est considéré comme l'un des fondateurs de la chirurgie moderne.

Texte original

On removing the bandage and dressings, I had now an opportunity of seeing the extent and appearance of the disease. The scalp had ulcerated and sloughed off to the extent of five or six inches in diameter, exposing almost all the upper part of the scull. The insulated piece consisted of the upper and back part of the right and left parietal bones. It extended from the lambdoid suture behind, to within two inches of the coronal suture before. The sagittal suture was seen to run along the middle of this caries, wheh measured transversely five inches, and longitudinally three inches and a half. A great part of the external table of the loose bone had mouldered away, and the dura mater was seen through the trepan-hole, and through many ulcerations in the scull, covered with pale unhealthy granulations. The edges of the scalp were swollen, livid, and painful, and the discharge of pus was profuse, of a dark colour, and very fetid. The insulated piece of bone was immersed in matter, blacke ned on its surface, and incrusted with the discharge. I could easily move this piece of bone a little way upwards or downwards, or to either side, the thin edges of it passing at each movement under the edge, or between the tables of the surrounding bones. It could even be depressed a few degrees, though the resistance to this was very considerable ; nor did the patient complain of any uneasiness. It was this resistance that enabled Lr. Anderson to apply the trepan

Code 3

C'est le début de «folio 1r" provenant du "Manuscrit de Voynich" qui utilise la police "main EVA 1". Cette police spéciale a été créée dans le but de transcrire le manuscrit sur ​​ordinateur, afin de décoder le contenu d'un moyen de calcul. À ce jour, le manuscrit de Voynich n'est toujours pas décodé, il date d'environ 600 ans. Le texte brut ressemble a ceci : ....

Texte original

fScdar Scocfy ytccdy Scal torccy Sccky btcccdy otSccd qotcdy qotcd ytccody Sccdccy ytcccdy ccccs otdccs okcco ccdy qotccdy cccdcccdy cccdy qotar rod dyccs lcccdy ltcccdy ytccdy orcccod
+a`c*vco* olada*ad +****d + *c + c*a cc*c + *o**ad + *+ **+l*a**l + *o*l+ *ik+a***+a*a+**a+ aror ccccy *aldc* *l*c* o ** ya***cl o,kor.Sholdy sory.cKhar.or,y.kair.chtaiin.Shar.are.cThar.cThar,dan o'oiin.oteey.oteos,roloty.cTh*ar,daiin.otaiin.or.okan sair,y.chear.cThaiin.c har.cFhaiin. ydaraiShy= *odar.c'y.Shol.c hoy.oydar.Sh.s.cFhoaiin.Shodary yShey.Shody.okchoy.otchol.chocThy.os,chy.dain.chor.kos daiin.Shos.cFhol.Shody. dain.os.teody= *ydain.c hesaiin.ol,s.c hey.ytain.ShoShy.c hodal,es okSho.kShoy.otahrin.oteol.okan.Shodain.scKhey.daiin Shoy.cKhey.kodaiin.c hy.c hodaiils.cThey.She.oldain,d dain.oiin.chol.odaiin.chodain.chdy.okain.dan.cThy.kod daiin.ShcKhey.cKeor.chor.Shey.kol.chol.chol.kor.chal Sho.chol.Shodan.kShy.kchy.dor.chodaiin.Sho.kchom ycho.tchey.chokain.Sheo,pShol.dydyd.cThy.daicThy yto.Shol.She.kodShey.c healy.das,ain.dain.cKhyds dchar.ShcThaiin.okaiir.chey.*chy.?tol.cThols.dlocTa Shok.chor.chey.dain.cKhey. otol.daiiin= c,d* *doin.chol.dain.cThal.dar.Shear.kaiin.dar.Shey.cThar cho.*o,kaiin.Shoaiin.okol.daiin.far.cThol.daiin.cTholdar ycheey.okay.oky.daiin.okchey.kokaiin.**chol.k

Code 4

Ce code semblerait être un autre extrait du "Discours XVIII - Of Fractures Of The Skull - Section 1" des "Principes de la chirurgie" par John Bell.

Texte original

In excessive fractures (says Dionis) we should not hesitate to make two, three, or four perforations, if required. A young girl, of eleven or twelve years of age, having, by a fall down stairs, fractured the whole of the parietal with a part of the temporal bone, Mr. Marechal trepaned her next day in two places: he made his son trepan her a third time; he allowed my son, who was present, to trepan her a fourth time : the next day, applied the trepan twice more, and in the end had actually perforated twelve times, and cured her completely. So precious an example shows how little reason we have to be surprised dt the frequent application of the trepan." Here is a doctrine laid down, which, I fear, there is little occasion to enforce ; and I cannot but persist in being surprised and shocked, at the frequent and large perforations which I have both read of and seen, and cannot but think of these veterans in surgery in no very amiable light, when I see them indulging their boys in the novelty of operating, probably on very slight compulsion. These reports, and especially the last clause of this paragraph, viz. " that we should not be surprised at the number of trepans," have plainly a reference to the ever memorable operation performed in the time of King William's wars, on hilip Count of Nassau, by Henry Chadborn, chirurgeon. Godifredus, chief surgeon to the Ckates of Holland, mentions with particular exultation this operation performed by his f

Blue Screen de l'épisode 2x17 (Proteus)

Code 1

Le premier code est un extrait du chapitre 1 de "Heart of Darkness" de Joseph Conrad.

Texte original (Décryptage non terminé)

But this last theory, plausible as it was, could not stand against inquiries made in both worlds. That a private gentleman should have such a machine at his command was not likely. Where, when, and how was it built? and how could its construction have been kept secret?

Code 2

Il s'agit d'un extrait du «Instructions de la CIA pour faire craquer un détenu", ce texte décrit probablement la même ou une version similaire à la technique de pendaison palestinienne que Root utilisait sur Denton dans l'épisode Bad Code...

Texte original (Décryptage non terminé)

CoerCive Techniques. Certain interrogation techniques place the detainee in more physical and psychological stress and, therefore, are considered more effeotive tools in persuading a resistant HVD to participate\.,ithCIAinterrogators..These techniques-- walling, waterdousing, stress positions, wall standing, and cramped confinement--are typically not used in combination} although some combined use is possible. For example, an HVD in stress poaitions or wall standing can be water doused at the spme time.

Code 3

Il s'agit de la deuxième strophe de "The Wasteland" par T.S. Eliot, c'est un poème bien reconnu qui montre un monde autrefois florissant, mais qui est désormais entraîné dans les ténèbres et le désespoir.

Texte original (Décryptage non terminé)

What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow
Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man,
You cannot say, or guess, for you know only
A heap of broken images, where the sun beats,
And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,
And the dry stone no sound of water. Only
There is shadow under this red rock,
(Come in under the shadow of this red rock),
And I will show you something different from either
Your shadow at morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

Code 4

Ce code semble être un extrait de "Project Trinity, 1945-1946», un livre de Carl Maag et Steve Rohrer, ce livre explique les essais d'armes nucléaires par le gouvernement américain à cette époque...

Texte original (Décryptage non terminé)

In order to prevent eye damage, Dr. Bainbridge ordered the distribution of welder's filter glass. Because it was not known exactly how the flash might affect eyesight, it was suggested that direct viewing of the fireball not be attempted even with this protection. The recommended procedure was to face away from ground zero and watch the hills or sky until the fireball illuminated the area. Then, after the initial flash had passed, one could turn around and view the fireball through the filter glass. Despite these well-publicized instructions, two participants did not take precautions.

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